My services are offered on a sliding scale for price to accommodate people of various financial backgrounds, please call or email me for a free quotation.

I can offer help with.

kitchen gardens, wildlife gardens, self maintaining ornamental gardens, aquaculture systems, livestock integrated systems, worm farming, holistic grassland management, composting, forest gardening, wildflower meadows, woodland management, training and mentoring. I also have links with people who specialize in natural building and rocket stoves.

Design and consultation 

I produce action packs to enable clients to implement there own permaculture garden. This includes maps of the land detailing ideas and and a write up, which details a description of the maps and steps and techniques for implementation (Please see Previous designs for examples).

I produce the designs by either visiting the land or accessing information over the phone and internet, the assessment includes all available resources, limitations, opportunities and the wants and needs of the client. It also includes a land assessment of soil quality, wildlife, water, slope, geographic location, wind, precipitation and climate.

Then the design is formulated utilizing all these factors with energy efficient planning so that the client can exist within this environment and maintain it with maximum ease. The client will receive a base map detailing the land assessment and a map of the design which includes details for each zone such as trees, crops and animals. Also included are patch designs, these provide a detailed description of important areas of the project.

You will also receive an action plan detailing a description of the project and how it can be achieved in a step by step process and suggestions for generating revenue from the project. The Action plan also includes a list of useful resources, references and a species list.

Supervision and implementation

Often a design is not enough to get projects started and moving so i offer my services to direct projects in any phase. I can offer training for individuals and groups whilst i am directing and i can help your workers and volunteers work more effectively.

Implementation of projects can vary in time depending on the project, I prefer to work with the people involved as much as possible when implementing projects so that they can make the best use of the project once it has been created. I can supervise intermittently over a very gradual period for people who are on a limited budget or if the conditions are right i can get the project completed very quickly with the help of my highly skilled team.


Please see the teaching heading on my homepage

Free advice

I offer free advice for anybody wishing to go down the route of self sufficiency and wildlife gardening, i can point you in the right direction whether it is techniques, resources or gaining experience and knowledge. Please just send me an email with your queries and i will get back to you as soon as i can.


Designs -A permaculture design will usually cost around

£3000 (depending on the complexity of the project)

On site consultation -£250 per day

Teaching -£1000 per week

Implementation-£150 per day


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