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2013 Permaculture Design Course, The Yoga Forest, Lake Atitlan Guatemala.

YogaForest-bradleythomas-3169An afternoon session on biological resources. The new permies familiarise themselves with the many uses of the landscape, plants and animals.

YogaForest-bradleythomas-2386Audres the Mayan Gardener teaches about paolo di agua a plant a tree that easily roots from cuttings and is used to build living terraces to grow upon and prevent landslides.

YogaForest-bradleythomas-2422Hayley teaching techniques in fermentation, including kombucha and kimchee.

YogaForest-bradleythomas-2453Preparing a worm tea
for the plants, the casting brewed in oxygenated water overnight make a highly nutritious bacterial drink which promotes root growth and boosts plant immunity

YogaForest-bradleythomas-2465A client interview for the final design project with Noe and Petrona

YogaForest-bradleythomas-2492A sheet mulching practical for the new terraced beds using banana leaves and leaf mulch.

photo 7Students researching and planning for the final design projects

photo 9Field trips up onto the mountain to observe natural systems

photo 10Energy cycles class with and co-teacher Jeremy

photo 12Plant identification class with Jeremy

YogaForest-bradleythomas-4007Aquaculture theory class with myself

YogaForest-bradleythomas-4017Aquaculture practical; creating more surface area using branches to enhance habitat for organisms which provide food for the fish.

YogaForest-bradleythomas-4041Earth works and water catchment practical using a bunyip to measure gradient.

YogaForest-bradleythomas-4115On our way into the mountains for a field trip to see Shads farm who commercially produces goats cheese, salad and eggs using permaculture techniques.

YogaForest-bradleythomas-4208Students having a go at milking a goat

YogaForest-bradleythomas-5962A natural building practical learning to make bricks from manure, clay, sand, hair and cactus juice.

YogaForest-bradleythomas-5937Getting stuck into making the muddy mix.

YogaForest-bradleythomas-6040The natural building practical continued and the ancient art of barrreki to build a wall.YogaForest-bradleythomas-6027A string making workshop using fibers from the agave plant.

YogaForest-bradleythomas-7303Final Design presentations.




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