About Symbiont Gardens

Symbiont gardens is about facilitating a symbiotic relationship between people and the land. Whereby the land is able to reach its fullest expression of diversity , health and abundance along with the people who live with it. 


Where it all began in the Cynefin Permaculture Garden

Initially Symbiont Gardens was set up in 2012 as a platform for my own freelance permaculture consultancy and mentoring business.  But not long after it was set up did i find myself working  as part of a large team in Wales then later traveling the globe teaching, mentoring, consulting and directing projects. Along the way i have encountered many amazing people who base their lives around the intention of living in symbiosis. 


The Yoga Forest Permaculture Team

Now Symbiont gardens acts as a conduit for linking projects and people. It not only supports people with education, consultancy, design and project management. But It also provides a platform for other teachers, practitioners and organizations to facilitate land stewardship and people care.


Permaculture students at Mota Redonda Project Portugal


About me

Catherine Griggs

Catherine Griggs  (Bsc Zoology with conservation)

Since I can remember nature has fascinated me, my child hood was spent recreating ecosystems on a microcosmic scale, rehabilitating wildlife and studying plants, animals and the way they interact. As I grew older this interest in nature expanded out into human nature and our place within the earths ecosystem. Since entering my studies in animal management, zoology,  conservation and permaculture,  i have worked internationally through a range of environments including the high desert of the rocky mountains in Yellowstone, volcanic mountainous regions in the sub-tropics of Guatemala, the rainy temperate climate of Britain and Wales and also parts of the Mediterranean.

I have taught students from all over the globe and successfully helped direct and design a number of projects including home scale, community based and a stunning 7 acre artistic show piece The Yoga forest in Guatemala.

I specialize in working with animals, wildlife and people to form beneficial relationships and interactions that facilitate a healthy productive landscape.  My knowledge is most extensive in the areas of soil remediation techniques, kitchen gardening, aquaculture, forest gardening, wild medicine and holistic grassland management.

I see gardening as an art and a means of creative expression, whereby your media is nature and people, and your wisdom and intuition is the tool for creation. I trust in human integrated symbiosis with the worlds ecosystems, and I believe earth stewardship will be the next revolution. Permaculture is a means of sewing and tending to the seeds of change.

When i garden, i garden for the world and my own peace. Living in reverence with nature and humanity is a medicine that enables us to belong and be part of something that is nothing less than the whole.









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