The universe growing consiousness through means of our process

The Universe Growing Consciousness through Means of our Process.

By Catherine Griggs

sun and earth

“We are the universe understanding itself” Prof Brian Cox

 Everything is the universe…/multiverse

The atomic sea that composes the universe is experiencing itself as a human being as it is reading these words. We are the universe experiencing itself, the universe is made conscious through the consciousness of beings. Perhaps we are experiencing a process of the universe evolving its consciousness by overcoming what is perceived by us as adversity. As far as science can conceive, It has done this at various microcosms since complex life first appeared on earth 570 million years ago.


The principle of opposites applies throughout the whole of the perceived universe, cycles of Growth and decay, light and dark, day and night, winter and summer, Chaos and order,  polarised opposites that join in a continues loop.

Our galaxy was made from the death of a sun, after reaching its zenith as a red giant, it cooled and shrank until it imploded in on itself, until finally it exploded as super nova. In the final moments of its death all the elements of our world were created. The dust and gases of this exploded sun formed our solar system. And every single organism that inhabits it is formed from star dust. All atoms are recycled, the reason you can breathe is because haemoglobin in each one of your blood cells carries an atom of iron that allows the binding of oxygen.


This iron was Made in the first moments of the sun’s death. And the gold that humanity covets was made in the final moments.

Creation always comes eventually after destruction, structure after chaos and Life after death, the polarities are inseparable.

Life on earth evolves through the threat of cessation, it twists and turns along the gullies of opportunity, whilst fleeing from oblivion. Like a river flowing with gravity it carves its way with time changing in response to its environment as does water changing from sea to river, to stream and back again. It’s never alone in its journey, as whilst it’s moving and changing it’s moving and changing those around it. As with all life it’s finding a way to be, it’s just what it does. Life does it with a raging passion, it has a burning desire to exist, but space for existence is limited because death is always close, death is looking for a way too, So life adapts and we as a species are not exempt.

Ultimately death drives change on all levels. Love and hate or peace and fear are also polarities that bare alchemic properties in that they facilitate destruction and creation

As we have witnessed with humanity, the dominant competitive psyche no longer seems to serve in maintaining our persistence as a species on this earth, nor the overall health and well-being of the individual.

Plants put their roots into the darkness before they can open their flower to shine at the sun. Are we so different?

The forces opposed upon us may mean we are on the brink of extinction or the greatest revolution humanity has ever known.

new worl

Its an exciting time to be alive






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